non~linear creations is pleased to announce the release of our newest strategy whitepaper: Successful Web Content Management for Higher Education. This thought leadership document offers practical advice for educational institutions around content management technologies and implementation, given the high value that educational professionals place on increasing the accessibility of information, streamlining the content creation process and ensuring a degree of rigor and quality in online content.
In this document, we discuss best practices from NLC’s award winning Enterprise Content Management Group, including:

The four realities of higher education that uniquely shape content management approaches for educational institutions
The benefits of content management technologies in relation to these four realities
Best practices that institutes of higher learning need to consider when selecting a CMS product
Best practices that institutes of higher learning need to consider during CMS implementation
At the most fundamental level, successful selection and implementation of a CMS is dependent on your ability to define, understand and clearly articulate your needs and goals for the content management technology, as well as your online presence. Our 15 years of providing award winning content management solutions to some of North America’s top higher education institutions (Ball State University, Colorado Technical University, University of Toronto, Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Dalhousie University and many more.) has allowed us to develop a successful CMS methodology for educational environments that drive results around user adoption, site traffic and recruitment.

This new publication is available for download at:

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