Toronto, February 7th,2008, 8:30 am

More and more enterprises are exploring the world of enterprise social networking (Intranet 2.0), exactly how does the enterprise ensure a seamless transition between Intranet 1.0 and Intranet 2.0?

Next week, join NLC and Microsoft Canada for a discussion on social networking within the enterprise and learn about:

Methods used in enterprise social networking.
The difference between Intranet 1.0 and Intranet 2.0.
How to maximize efficiency of the corporate Intranet.
How to analyze ROI in an enterprise social networking project.
How to gain a competitive advantage through social networking.
How to successfully merge Intranet 1.0 and 2.0.
How to use social networking to tap into latent employee knowledge.
How Microsoft Sharepoint Services 2007 can improve enterprise social networking.
These and other topics will be covered at the Executive breakfast event on Thursday February 7th , 2008, at the Toronto board of trade.

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Social Networking and the Enterprise
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